Experience Profound Release & Realignment

In a private one-on-one session with Rॐ, Certified Healing Grade Tibetan Singing Bowls are used to bring you to a Deeply Meditative State.

Rॐ uses these sacred healing instruments to facilitate the release of toxins & tension in the physical body, negative thought patterns & stress in the mind, and deeply rooted emotional traumas.

The Future of Medicine

Everything is Energy and Everything Vibrates ~

The Source of Our Dis-ease Ultimately Originates When Our Inner Harmony is Disturbed and Our Equilibrium is Lost; Every day Stress Makes Us Prone to Illness and Impairs Our Quality of Life.

The Pure Vibrations From Rॐ’s Singing Bowls are Soothing Enough to Calm the Nervous System yet Powerful Enough to Travel Deep into the Body Reaching Your Cells.

Spiritual Growth

In the world which we currently live, the many distractions make it easy to forget our true essence. Many people are forced to make life decisions that compromise their passion & creative genius leaving them unfulfilled at the core of their being.

Receiving a series of Sacred Sound Sessions with Rॐ will be a Transformative Journey into the Self to Align you with your Greatest Version ~

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