Montauk Salt Cave Downtown

The Montauk Salt Cave Downtown is a luxurious modern day oasis amidst the city that never sleeps. The expertly designed caves are made entirely of Pink Himalayan Salt which is said to be among the cleanest and most beneficial substance available on the planet. Halotherapy is loaded with nutritional value, highly therapeutic and has a myriad of other benefits.
Montauk Salt Cave’s newest location in the East Village of NYC is a welcome destination for healing, nourishing and detoxification. The architecture and acoustics of this wonderful space gives great justice to my art enabling me to deliver Sound Medicine in such a unique environment.


Please join me at my weekly Sound Bath in the main cave every Monday at 6PM & 7PM and inquire via email for 1 on 1 private Sound Healing.
Reservations are necessary as space is limited.
Please call to reserve your chair.
Price is $40.
Looking forward to seeing you.

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